Rental of equipment

We are happy to help you!

100-littya care center offers rentals to anyone who needs equipment for the care of the disabled and the elderly or for individual use.

Rental of special equipment and aids: functional medical beds, wheelchairs, chairs for the disabled, adjustable and non-adjustable walkers, anti-decubitus mattresses, overbed trapezes, etc.

Why should you rent from us?

  • the term of use of the equipment is chosen according to your needs and capabilities
  • specialized equipment in your home, quickly and efficiently
  • equipment on request: we search for and buy equipment which we do not have in our nursing home, so that you can rent it
  • saving time and effort necessary to search for and check the quality of equipment.

Just send us a request, and we will do everything necessary. Learn about the cost, term, and peculiarities of equipment rental.