About us

Live to be 100 years old? Why not if accommodation conditions are comfortable!

Elderly care center 100-littya is a private institution where your loved ones with age related deseases or health problems are surrounded by care and warmth.

No one should be alone in difficult life situations caused by health problems.

Important features

What we offer

100-littya centers are well- equipped. We provide quality elderly care and rehabilitation care services.

We accept for permanent residence or short stay. You can give comfortable and fulfilling life to your family members with our help.

Accommodation conditions are comfortable, often much better than in hospitals.

  • Big and comfortable room accommodation;
  • 24/7 medical care;
  • Balanced diet (individual diet if necessary)
  • Board games, library, art-therapy and walks in the open air.
  • Specially equipped places for people with special needs;
  • Anti-bedsores matrasses
  • Specially equipped beds;
  • Health monitoring;
  • Providing medical manipulations;
  • Physical rehabilitation;
  • Diagnostics;
  • Providing emotional and psychological care;
More about the conditions

Our staff

Our team

General manager Hural Andriy Olehovych

Physiatrist's assistant, nurse Musika Marian Rostislavovich

Male enrolled nurse, provides basic medical care

Male registered nurse Pavlenko Oleh Oleksandrovych

Provides a high level of day-to-day care and performs some minor procedures

Manager Romanyk Vasil Ihorovych

Nurse Hryskiv Natalia Borysivna

Provides bedridden patients' care, patients with complex deseases and age related deseases care, care for patients with disabilities.

Nurse Turyk Nadia Andriivna

Provides bedridden patients' care, patients with complex deseases and age related deseases care, care for patients with disabilities.

Manager Kuzminov Olexander Valeriyovych

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Impressions of us

Nastia 13.03.2019
Thank you very much for your help!

Hello! I want to say thank you to ECC (Elderly care centre) staff for their hard work. We went to NY holidays and our mother stayed at ECC. She was very nervous about adaptation process, but everything went well. Now we have a place for our mother to stay and we can plan next holidays with peace of mind.

Oleg 10.05.2019
Thank you for a good service.

I’m very grateful for high quality care service in ECC (Elderly care centre). Excellent accommodation, hygiene, professional staff, tasty food, delicate attitude to old-aged residents, affordability and clarity in services’ provision.

Vladimir 13.03.2019

I want to express my gratitude to ECC (Elderly care centre) for their hard work. We saw many centres, pensions before getting to ECC. My mother has been being there for 3 months already. She has Parkinson’s disease. We know she is safe hands and we can be sure that she will get the 24/7 professional support. Thank you so much for taking care and responsibility.