Special care service for everyone

Who needs us?

We accept old-aged people for permanent residence or short stay. Also, we invite those who need to stay during different kinds of rehabilitation (strokes, fractures).

We help patients with different kinds of disease

We provide full care to patients with complex diseases: chronic cardiac failure, diabetes, post-traumatic state, cancer, post stroke state, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease etc.

ECC admission conditions

What is necessary for accommodation

  1. Personal items

    Future ECC (Elderly care center) resident needs: personal items, clothes (for walks in the open air also), footwear, several underwear sets.

  2. Required documents

    ID (copy and original), medical record, family member’s ID (copy and original) for signing a contract.

  1. Tests

    Test results (CBC, infectious disease test, fluorography)



We offer

Comfortable accommodation

ECC (Elderly care center) offers hotel services including accommodation for old aged people and seriously ill patients: rooms for 1-3 residents with needed furniture (comfortable beds, sofas and arm-chairs); fully equipped bathrooms and shower stalls, sanitary units.

Tasty food

Balanced diet – tasteful breakfasts, nutritious lunches and light dinners. Fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, dairy products are in everyday menu.



Leisure and walks

All ECCs (Elderly care centers) are located in picturesque places, that’s why our residents can walk in the open air and enjoy spending time with each other. We organize leisure according to residents’ interests. We create a warm home atmosphere. It matters to us.

Daily routine


Trust the care about your dearest to professionals.